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January 2, 2013 – Hi there! Well, it HAS been awhile, hasn’t it! Where did my Senior year go? And why did it go so fast? Since the last post…

I attended the Preaching Excellence Program at Villanova University
I was, in fact, ordained a Deacon.
I joyfully participated in a summer internship in Berlin, New Hampshire (home of the MOOSE!)
We moved across the street, onto the Close (into 450 sq ft!)
I successfully completed the GOEs.
Somewhere in there I completed some academic work, including an Honors Thesis.
Michael and I graduated (Glory Hallelujah!)
I interviewed for two clergy positions and got called to one.
We moved.
We moved again and settled into Huron, SD where I am Rector of Grace Episcopal Church and Michael is a Huron School District Home Liaison to migrant families.


May 2011 – I am NEARLY done with my Middler year! Just one paper and one final away (and why, you may ask, am I fiddling around with this when I could be writing or studying? Need you ask?) I am now a Candidate for Holy Orders, with an ordination date of June 30, 2011!

Another Update:  I start my Middler year in just under two weeks.  Prayers are welcome!

Me again.  This is a little out of date, so I thought I’d amend that.  I’m still a postulant; however, I have just finished my first year of seminary.  Moving on…


Thanks for visiting my blog!  I am a postulant in the Episcopal church, which means that I have gone through the first steps in the process of becoming an Episcopal priest.  The next step is seminary, where I will be going this fall.  I became a postulant a year ago and the plan was to head off to New York in the fall of last year; however, life (and the economic crisis) intervened and I decided to defer entering school for a year.  Hence, the Quiet Year.  Along with getting our financial and organizational ducks in a row, this was going to be a year of reflection, of stepping back from the craziness, and really getting my mind set for seminary.  Well, the reflection is happening, but the stepping-back could still use some work.  So here we are, in my blog – a place where I’ll occasionally record for posterity some of those reflections.  If you have comments, I’m happy to read them (if they’re not mean).

The picture at the top of the page  is a path through the woods on Madeline Island in northern Wisconsin.  Yes, it IS that beautiful!





  1. Congratulations! It’ll be fun to read, for me. I had all good intentions of regularly posting to mine, but it’s become a once-every-couple-of-months thing. Fortunately, I don’t think many–if any!–people actually subscribe to it, lol. So no expectations.

    Love you!

    • Thanks! It’s sort of hit and miss for me, too, but I want to get better about it. Gonna have to write a LOT next year!
      Love you, too!

  2. What your picture doesn’t show is the biting flies and mosquitos. 🙂

    I’m glad you are writing a blog. I think it will be a good way for you to organize your thoughts (not to mention keeping a diary of your journey through Seminary.)

    Love you,

  3. Jean,

    This is beautiful. I want to read more!

    You humble soul, why didn’t you tell me about this?

    Peace & Love.

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for visiting! I really need to visit here more often myself. Thank you so much for your encouragement!


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