Posted by: preacherjean | November 11, 2008

Death and Life

I’m writing this on the 19th anniversary of the death of my mother.  At 12:15am, November 11th, 1989, she left this earth, with my dad and me by her side as witnesses to her escape.  My mom wasn’t a military person, but I like the thought of her passing on a national holiday (makes it easier to remember, for one thing).  Also, Armistice Day seems appropriate.  She was at peace with this world and ready to move on.  I’m not sad on the anniversary anymore, not really.  Some years it passes by almost unnoticed and some years, like this one, I experience a lot of memories–mostly good and a just a few bad.  But I miss her, and my dad, who died seven years later, on the anniversary of D-Day.

This year, I’m getting a fresh look at death and life.  Two good friends have died, one on October 13th and one on November 5th.  They didn’t know each other, but I loved and greatly admired each of them.  It’s funny how two very different people, separated by geography (Minnesota and Washington, DC) and somewhat by ideology (Christian and secular humanist), are still very connected – as human beings who had been on this planet for over 80 years each, and as my friends.  Godspeed Janet and Cris!  The world is a better place for your having lived in it, and I’m a better person for having known you.  See you in heaven (yes, you will SO be there, Cris!).  Say hi to Mom and Dad.


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