Posted by: preacherjean | July 14, 2008

Help! I need someone…

No I don’t.  Wait, yes I do.  Well?  Which is it.

A good friend was ordained last Tuesday and of course I went.  I’m an ordination groupie.  I love the seriousness and the joy.  They’re like weddings, but without the bad bridesmaids’ dresses.  I love the mystical moment, caught out of time, when the Bishop puts his hands on the ordinand’s head and asks God to make him/her a priest in His church.

Four years and counting…

But that isn’t really the purpose of this post.  After the service there was a reception (no sherry–I was SHOCKED!) in the Fireplace Room of the church.  Everyone was there, including the Bishop (natch!) and the Director of Vocations for the Diocese.  My last two communications with these two lovely people were to a) have a long chat with the Bishop about my deferring entering seminary for a year, and b) a rather hysterical e-mail to the D of V about a problem I was having and it’s impact on my future as a priest.  So it was with some trepidation that I approached them.  I needn’t have been concerned.  Almost the first thing the Bishop asked me was how was I feeling about my decision to defer, and was I all right.  NOT what I expected, but I assured him that I’m just fine with my decision and very happy to wait. I also assured him that, held in tension with this, I’m positively champing at the bit to get started.  Then, later, I had a chance to talk with the D of V.  She hadn’t gotten my e-mail, so I took the chance to lay out the problem for her right then.  She put her arm around my shoulder and said that once you are a postulant in the Diocese, the Diocese has pledged to support you through the entire process.

In other words, I’m not doing this alone, in a vacuum.  I’m just not USED to that!  I’m used to trying to figure out everything myself, and not having community support as a matter of course.  Is this right?  Is this LEGAL?  It’s going to take some getting used to, this network of people who want to help me.  But I think I’m going to like it!


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